The problem

GTE Transport are a dedicated road haulage  company who cover the UK & Europe  based in Telford, Shropshire. Due to further expansion they were looking for a perimeter detection system for their new site, which would deter and detect any attempt to breach their fence line. They were concerned about diesel theft and vehicle damage and needed to implement a system which their drivers could arm and disarm easily during the early mornings without the need to open the office building.


The solution

Using the latest Gallagher software we were able to provide a solution. We installed the new F32 monitored pulsed fence system with Gallagher Command Centre and T10 reader. This provided an easy solution for arming and disarming the fence with each driver having their own tag.

With Command Centre, management are able to view the activity of drivers in real time or by running a card holder report for a week, month or a specified time period. The system was also able to provide integration with the site lighting to enable it to be activated during driver log in and any alarm condition, or using the Gallagher phone app which also enables alarm notification via e-mail.


The result

A system which is looking after site security 24/7 and can be expanded and modified to meet the changing need of our customer.