Our Story

With a background in farming and agricultural engineering in Cheshire, England our story began with our founder Simon Gleave. Looking to diversify from his roots Simon landed a job installing Gallagher electric fence systems for a company in the North West of England and quickly gained a liking for the security industry and people associated with it.

After several years working for someone else he decided to go out on his own and was supported by the then General manager at Gallagher Security (Europe) which led to supplying and installing electric fence and gate automation systems thought out the UK and Northern Ireland.

That was back in 2000 and the company has gained many new clients including fencing companies, utility companies, and commercial enterprises. Working in all industry sectors we always look forward to our next challenge.

 So, with experience, passion and openness we challenge you to give our company the opportunity to let us become the new security partner, for your business.

 ‘I welcome you to contact me personally, and guarantee you will find our perimeter, access control and building management solutions solve your security needs 365 days a year’


Simon Gleave

Managing Director

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Our Sector of Business Include

Electric, gas and oil supply and distribution

Vehicle supply and storage

Logistics and distribution

Steel and precious metal supply