Joda Freight, Keighley-Rewind 8 years

The problem

As a busy freight forward operator and distributor our client was having continuous theft and damage to their fleet of vehicles and warehouse goods for many years.

The solution

We installed a 3.0 metre (32 wires) Gallagher electric fence to the whole 500 metre plus site with a separate single zone system on the front gates. This enables the drivers to enter and exit site during the night without disarming the whole system. Since this system was installed we can now offer a solution using a T20 terminal on the front gates, networked to the energiser control equipment and the Gallagher Command Centre, giving site a complete access control solution. They would know who is entering and leaving the site during the night, with the system being able to be extended to the whole warehouse and office if required.

The result

Since installing the system there have been no incidents to report and with annual maintenance, our solution is still protecting the site over 8 years later.